NLMFC Firework Display & BBQ

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On The Subject of Mobile Phones

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Following on from some discussion at Club Night last week, for those who are interested some extracts below;


Personally I leave the phone in the car when flying. BMFA have managed to reproduce the fault, and its just not worth the risk in my opinion.
BMFA link
Following the crash of an expensive gas turbine model helicopter, the investigation into the cause revealed that the synthesised transmitter being used to control the helicopter was interfered with by a nearby mobile telephone. In this case it was a Multiplex transmitter but it is possible the same could occur with other synthesised transmitters.
The transmitter manufacturer’s instructions were scrutinised and found to contain a warning that mobile telephones were not to be used within the direct vicinity of the transmitter and subsequent trials revealed that the incident was repeatable with that transmitter.

The UKRCC will be carrying out further investigations to determine the extent of the problem and will be advising in the future.
The BMFA already recommends that mobile telephones are not taken into the pits or flying area for other reasons but be aware that mobile telephones could interfere with synthesised transmitters.”

RC Groups

2.4GH – Is It All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

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This article was sent in by NLMFC Reader and Member – Dave Horvath

2.4GHz: Is It All It’s Cracked Up To Be?


A substantial number of unexplained crashes of radio control model airplanes on 2.4GHz frequency prompted me to write this article on the so-called “interference free” radio control systems on the 2.4GHz band.

The electromagnetic wave spectrum is subject to the immutable laws of physics. Read more

For Sale – Pilot R/C YAK

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FOR SALE – Steve Colllins

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To All You Guys Who Might Have Built Models as a Kid

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Using a tweezers, the controls can be moved.

All cables and linkages are in place to work the wing control surfaces as well. Young Park has since carved a pilot’s face and hands from solid aluminum and built an articulated pilot to sit in the cockpit?
Remember this as you look at the pics……….. All the controls work as designed, by cables, chains, linkages and levers.
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Did you go to the NLMFC Fireworks ?

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It was a lot of fun for all those that went to the NLMFC Fireworks night up at the field on Saturdaygallery-man-sml

I didn’t know at the time who was taking any photographs, but clearly Dean Grey _ The Gallery Man, was there, and soon got the pictures up on the website the same night.

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Club Fireworks Nightfireworks

Tomorrow is the clubs Fireworks night up at the field

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Moving forward – Do you know this man ?

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A lot of club members will already know him but for thosephil-noel that don’t, this is Philip Noel – Now Phil works at Luton Airport and is a prolific scale modeller when it comes to fixed wing warbirds and jets.

In the near future, over the winter months, NLMFC -TV will be paying Phil a visit at his home for a Video Interview in his workshop. You’ll just have to wait and see what it’s all about, but it’s going to be one you will not want to miss!

COMING SOON ! . . . . .

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Introducing – The Gallery Man

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I made my way over to Stevenage this morning, to visit one of the club members who expressed an interest in helping out with the running of the NLMFC Website.

Introducing the Gallery Man

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Anyone Fancy A Tour Round Hanger 61 ?

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For One evening only in December, Philip Noel has arranged for three groups to a guided tour around Hanger 61, this is where phil works at Luton Airport – it  is the biggest hangar at Luton, which can hold 2 Boeing 767-300’s and 2 Boeing 737-800 Series Aircraft.

Please dont bombard Phil with stupid questions, all the infromation is here !

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